Gardom's Edge detailed plan

Detailed plan


A - Neolithic enclosure

B - Bronze Age and Iron Age field systems

C - Barrow

D - Bronze Age Ring Cairn

E - Bronze Age standing stone

F - Linear boundary bank

G - Medieval and later millstone quarries

H - Millstone roads and tracks

I - Medieval and later hollow ways

J - The 1803 turnpike road

K - Late 18th/early 19th-century drive

L - Ruined medieval or early post-medieval buildings

M - Post-medieval farm and outbuildings

N - Ruined 19th-century field barn and stack stand

O - Ditched boundary

P - Bronze Age cultivation/stock enclosure

Q - Sheep folds and sheep lees

R - 18th and 19th-century coal mines

S - 1939-1945 artillery platforms

T - Footings of a 1939-1945 building

U - Later Neolithic/early Bronze Age rock art